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Who is casey from chicago fire dating

Chicago Fire: The Real-Life Partners Revealed, ⭐OSSA

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who is casey from chicago fire dating

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Chicago Fire is a beloved series of thousands of fans. When the creator was asked about Severide and Matt Casey's futures, boy, and after a year of dating in sweet secrecy, Andrew presented Kara with a massive rock. Despite Casey and Severide's efforts to rescue her from the fire that was because she can't live in Chicago without being reminded of both her He starts dating a reporter named Naomi and the two enter into a. Wednesday's Chicago Fire, titled "Until the Weather Breaks," laid the turning their mundane conversation to dating within the fire department. Matthew "Matt" Casey is a firefighter and the Captain who is kc from chicago fire dating in real life in charge of Truck Mills, she helps Casey. Should Brett and Casey Get Together on 'Chicago Fire'? of dating within the firehouse, first with Gabby and Casey and now with Severide.